You agree that you use the website and the terms and conditions, internal policies and provisions that are established or that are established later (the “RSVP Platform”) at your own risk and responsibility:

1. The RSVP Platform is owned by the Rootz Investments Group, S.A. (“RSVP”), with RUC 155685363-2-2019, an intermediary company that provides and facilitates opportunities for you, regardless of the person who can book (the “RSVP User” and together with the rest of the users, the ” RSVP Users ”) any space or service of a third party (the“ Provider ”and together with the rest of the providers, the“ Providers ”) to carry out any social activity; or as Suppliers, if applicable, so that you can display your services or spaces in accordance with the requirements of the page, the instructions and policies of RSVP and the RSVP Platform.

2. The services and spaces (the “Services and / or Spaces”) entered by the Suppliers in the RSVP Platform, in order to be reserved by the RSVP Users, must comply with the instructions and policies established in the RSVP Platform; and they are solely, individually and exclusively the need and responsibility of the Provider who has exhibited the Services and / or Spaces, as well as the obligation and / or fulfillment of the obligations derived from the reservation of their Space and / or Services with respect to the RSVP Users who has contracted or reserved said Spaces and / or Services for the respective social activity; It is not our obligation (RSVP), function or right to advise on what is convenient for the Suppliers and RSVP Users in the reservations that it wishes to make. RSVP is also not or will not be obliged with respect to the obligations arising from the reservation of Spaces and / or Services of the Providers vis-à-vis RSVP Users nor of the obligations that RSVP Users have vis-à-vis the Suppliers.

3. All the transactions of the RSVP Users are directly between the RSVP Users and the Suppliers, whether they are the owners of Spaces and / or Services or agents authorized to offer said Space or Service, and RSVP may charge commissions or fees in accordance with their detailed rate policies. later or in a separate section (the “Rate Policy”) RSVP will only charge the corresponding commission as established and negotiated with the Suppliers and RSVP Users, individually, and at the discretion of RSVP; always complying with the tax, commercial, civil, competitiveness and consumer protection laws of the Republic of Panama.

4. The terms and conditions applicable to the services provided to RSVP Users, in our role as intermediaries and facilitators of Spaces and / or Services of the Suppliers will be governed and will be interpreted and applied by the Law of the Republic of Panama. You agree to submit to the jurisdiction and exclusive jurisdiction of the courts within the territory of the Republic of Panama.

5. RSVP Users and Suppliers are solely and exclusively responsible for the operations they carry out through the RSVP Platform, understood as a bilateral relationship for the provision of services between the Supplier and the RSVP User, respectively.

6. RSVP may establish, modify, eliminate payment methods and payment gateway within the RSVP Platform at your convenience and without complying with additional notifications or authorizations by the Suppliers and / or RSVP Users.

7. RSVP may establish, include, modify, hide and / or eliminate any type of functionality, options, characteristics and / or information that appears on the RSVP Platform without complying with additional notifications or authorizations from the Suppliers and / or RSVP Users. .RSVP may establish instructions and / or limit them, regarding the type and / or manner of information that is included in the RSVP Platform, which must be complied with by RSVP Users and Suppliers, including but not limited to commercial, proprietary information intellectual, personal, operational, etc.

8. The Suppliers and / or RSVP Users accept and consent to the information they add or be added to the RSVP Platform, including but not limited to the contact data, prices, characteristics, details, intellectual property of any nature of the Spaces and / or Services, may be exhibited through the RSVP Platform to the rest of the RSVP Users, the Suppliers and / or the general public without consent and / or general authorizations; I always safeguard the privacy policies described below or in a separate section (the “Privacy Policies”). RSVP acknowledges that this information is the sole and exclusive property of each RSVP User and / or Suppliers, respectively.

9. If applicable, all the prices included by the Suppliers of Spaces and/or Services in their listings in the RSVP Platform shall include the mandatory I.T.B.M.S. (7%). RSVP shall always asume that the prices added by the Suppliers of Spaces and/ or Services in the RSVP Platform contemplate the I.T.B.M.S. (7%) tax.

10. All Payments including those with the I.T.B.M.S. (7%) mentioned in item 9 above made by RSVP Users (if applicable) received by Suppliers with respect to activities within the RSVP Platform, as a result of the offering of the Spaces and / or Services, shall be transferred to an account established in a bank general license in the Republic of Panama whose owner is the Supplier or agent authorized by it; or any other means that enables RSVP for this purpose. The transfers of these revenues will be transferred at the request of the Suppliers and within a period not exceeding 9 calendar days. RSVP may establish a general mechanism to transfer the income to the Suppliers from time to time, trying to comply with the term of 9 days. The amount corresponding to the commissions of the RSVP Platform and applicable tax withholdings, detailed below or in a separate section (the “Rate Policies”) generated by RSVP with respect to the transaction or transactions carried out on the platform, will be deducted from these income. These Suppliers’ income will not generate any type of interest or compound interest against RSVP. RSVP will issue the respective fiscal instrument of the transactions carried out in accordance with the applicable regulations.

11. RSVP will endeavor, within its possibilities, to have strategic alliances with bank entity (ies), which (is) is (are) the recipient bank (s) of payments through a ARP account. Said bank entity (ies) is (are) not responsible for the credit risk or the transactions carried out on the RSVP Platform, nor for the obligations that the RSVP User and providers are assuming.

12. RSVP will seek to carry out its efforts within the required rational diligence, complying with the regulations of “Know your Client” and “Anti-Money Laundering”. RSVP Users and Suppliers agree to comply with RSVP requirements.

13. RSVP is not responsible for the fiscal, commercial, and / or other obligations that are the responsibility of the RSVP Users and Suppliers, respectively.

14. RSVP at all times will assume the legal capacity, financial freedom and good faith of RSVP Users and Suppliers, as well as for RSVP and the RSVP Platform.